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NEW Graco Contractor PC Airless Spray Gun with RAC X LP/LTX 517 SwitchTip 

The Contractor PC airless spray gun is one of the lightest, most comfortable spray guns ever built to deliver all-day spraying comfort & control. The Contractor PC includes exclusive Graco innovations in comfort and durability that you’ll come to rely on for every job — a custom fit with exceptional finish, every time. The RAC X LP Low Pressue SwitchTip saves time and money with less over spray for reduced cleanup and less material waste.

A custom fit with on-the-fly trigger adjustments to provide the flexibility for greater control to deliver an exceptional finish on every job, every time. The RAC X LP 517 Green SwitchTip provides the industry’s best finish at the lowest airless spray pressure for reduced overspray and longer pump life.

Benefits You’ll Appreciate on Every Job
Lightest weight gun in its class 19oz (~550g)
Up to 50% lighter trigger pull force
E-Z Fit adjustable trigger length (Patent Pending)
Complete no-tools gun rebuild in seconds with ProConnect (Patent Pending)
Finish Jobs Faster with Less Fatigue
The most comfortable and lightest-weight spray experience ever
Lightest trigger pull force at all spray pressures
Lightest trigger hold force at all spray pressures
E-Z Fit Trigger Adjustment
Easily achieve your personal fit
Quickly customize trigger length to fit any hand size or situation
Choose 2, 4 or new 3-finger position
Easily extend your reach: simply drop the trigger down to paint hard-to-reach areas
Exclusive No-Tools ProConnect Replacement Cartridge

paintaccess new graco contractor pc cartrdige
1-part, on-the-job gun rebuild
Needle and all wear parts in one simple part
Simply replace cartridge — it's like getting a brand new gun

Easy one-finger, ambidextrous lock

Comfortable, contoured handle design. Lighter than the previous model by about 300 gram.

EasyGlide Swivel for effortless hose management


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