Seal ‘N’ Peel Liquid Masking WB5000


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Seal ‘N’ Peel Liquid Masking WB5000


    Seal ‘N’ Peel Liquid Masking WB500 is the perfect solution for the temporary protection of a range of non-porous surfaces. It can be used to effectively protect glass, powder coated surfaces, laminates, and more. This product helps to protect against dust, dirt, glue, paint, mortar, plaster, staining, and scratching. 

    When you’re ready to remove the product, it peels away easily and eliminates the need for time-consuming masking and cutting-in. To remove Seal ‘N’ Peel, simply scour the edges of the protected area with a blade and peel away the coating as a sheet. This product goes on white and dries clear, with a drying time of only one hour to help you get the job done faster. You can also use Seal ‘N’ Peel for multi-pane timber windows and doors, where it will adhere tightly to the timber but peel away easily from the glass. It is suitable to be applied with conventional or airless paint sprayers or even with a regular paint brush.


    • Colour: White (when liquid), Clear (when dry)

    • Number of Coats 2

    • Coverage: 2m2/L at 200 µm DFT

    • Drying Time: 1 hour at 25°C

    • Clean up:  Water

    A&I Coatings is the newest brand that PaintAccess is excited to introduce. A&I Coatings is an Australian owned family business which develops quality coatings including polyurethanes, fluoropolymers, epoxies and membrane coating. They provide technologically advanced coating solutions for a range of different surfaces.




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