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Please email your Resume to

MORNING 8.00 am

  • Check mailbox.
  • Check if both computers, printer and tyro are working. (Restart once or twice a week).
  • Check if the phone is working properly and if there is any missing call to reply.
  • Check for new orders and print (Shopify, Ebay, Amazon).
  • Check if everything ordered is in stock.
  • Open Purchase Orders excel sheet and prepare orders for suppliers (every order has a different minimum amount for free shipping/FIS).
  • Check if any order is for dropship:

- Make the purchase order

- Schedule Sendle from their warehouse directly to the customer’s shipping address.

  • Check if any customer has a PO box as shipping address and email asking for physical address (We do not ship at PO boxes but in case it is a small parcel you can use Australia Post).

  • Check if any order or Graco and let Daniel know.
  • Check if any order for ZipWall and email Protecta for dropship. 


  • Pick and pack every order you can fulfill (The time this will take depends on how many orders but try to have everything ready by 1pm in case couriers come early).
  • Check if any order is due for collection (Let the customer know when ready).
  • For small parcels first check if it is cheaper to send them via Australia Post satchels:

- Save tracking and order number.

- Fulfill manually.

  • Schedule Sendle for the rest of the orders packed.

- Print labels and stick to the correct parcel.

- Put outside for collection.

  • Check emails and messages from customers and reply.


  • Check status of parcels on Sendle dashboard (reschedule if needed).
  • Track Australia Post latest satchels.
  • Check open orders and email suppliers if they are late.
  • Check if any new order and repeat morning process.
  • Let the couriers know (Syd and Isaac) you have parcels for collection if they have not come before noon.
  • Receive suppliers and check if invoices match purchase orders.
  • Restock and keep clean.
  • Check if any office supplies are needed (satchels, wrap film, tape, fragile tape, bubble wrap) and order on Ebay.
  • Track problem orders if any. Keep that client as happy and informed as possible.
  • Pricing project (on every brand):

- Check on brand (ex. Uni Pro) prices list which products we do sell.

- Make a separate list and add the current price, mark up, and at least 4 competitors (Bunnings is priority).

- Correct prices as indicated by Daniel (on the sheet and online).

- Indicate if under or over priced.

- Will do in Paint Access, Ebay and Amazon.



  • Answer the phone and help clients with enquiries. Connect with Daniel if needed.
  • Customer service when clients come to the store.
  • Help  preparing mailchimp:

- Pricing for specials.

  •  cleaning ( We all do it).
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