30 Seconds - Degreaser & Cleaner 1L

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30 Seconds - Degreaser & Cleaner NO LONGER SELLABLE. ONLY 3 REMAINING IN STOCK. ONCE SOLD, SOLD OUT FOR GOOD.   Great for: Kitchens Restaurants Automotive workshops Workshop Equipment Engine...

30 Seconds - Degreaser & Cleaner



Great for:

  • Kitchens
  • Restaurants
  • Automotive workshops
  • Workshop Equipment
  • Engine cleaning
  • General purpose cleaning

This specially formulated heavy duty multipurpose degreasing agent & cleaner is ideal for most interior & exterior surfaces dealing to surface oils & grease. Easy to use with little scrubbing required, it is ideal for cleaning up grease, oils, animal fats, vegetable fats & general grime & dirt. 30 Seconds Degreaser & Cleaner works from engines to concrete to tiles to range hoods & bench tops, leaving surfaces clean & healthy.



  • Variety of pack sizes available to tackle various job sizes
  • Can be used & works well on engines, concrete, tiles, bench tops, cook tops, ovens, range hoods, tools & extraction filters
  • Great multipurpose surface cleaner that can be used on a variety of surfaces including bench tops, tables & food preparation surfaces
  • Food grade cleaner with NZFSA C31 = approved for use on food preparation surfaces
  • Virtually odorless no smelly fumes. Water soluble simple to clean
  • Non Caustic safe in & around food areas. Biodegradable & phosphate free
  • Non flammable safe to use around a potential fire hazards
  • Unlimited shelf life easy & convenient to use
  • Use regularly to maintain hygienic, clean surfaces & general build up of grime
  • Can be used in & around the home & commercially, even for camping & outdoor cooking, restaurants, takeaway bars, hotels, motels, food processing plants
  • Ideal for range hood filters


  • Read the on pack instructions & safety information before commencing the job or using the product
  • Shake the container before using & dilute concentrate to suit the job at hand
  • Spray onto dry cool surface soaking the area you are treating letting it soak in leave for at least 5 minutes (letting it have time to soak in is key)
  • Re-apply again & scrub surface as required with a scrubbing brush or wipe surface down with a cloth then rinse with warm water
  • Repeat if necessary
  • Note: Some baked burnt on carbon deposits may be more of a challenge in some instances requiring more aggressive cleaners.


Product Range Dilution Rate & Coverage:
Ready to use: Floors, walls, glass, paintwork, tiles and light degreasing No dilution required 1 litre trigger pack ready to use
Concentrate: Light degreasing & cleaning e.g. Floors, walls, ceilings, glass, paintwork, tiles & light general degreasing works on most surfaces 1 part 30 Seconds Degreaser & Cleaner to 30 parts water (1 litre Degreaser & Cleaner to 30 litres water)
Medium degreasing e.g. Degreasing ovens, deep fryers, BBQs & grills, metal degreasing & removing light oil & grease from machinery & heavy equipment 1 part 30 Seconds Degreaser & Cleaner to 10 parts water (1 litre Degreaser & Cleaner to 10 litres water)
Extra heavy duty degreasing Heavy soiled concrete floors, floor polish & wax removal, machinery, automotive & engineering degreasing Use undiluted
30 Seconds Degreaser & Cleaner made up will cover up to 4sq metres per made up litre on porous surfaces & up to 10 sq metres per made up litre on non porous surfaces



  • Keep out of reach of children & keep pets away while cleaning any equipment
  • Household gloves & protective clothing are recommended for prolonged use or if you have sensitive skin
  • Do not mix or store with acids & oxidizing agents
  • Do not store for prolonged periods in direct sunlight. Keep container closed to avoid evaporation
  • Store the container in an upright position in a cool dry & dark position that is well ventilated


  • If poisoning occurs seek medical advice or contact the National poisons centre in New Zealand on 0800-764756 or in Australia on 131126
  • If swallowed DO NOT induce vomiting give a glass of water
  • If skin contact occurs remove contaminated clothing & wash skin thoroughly
  • In case of eye / body contact flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes

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