Drizoro MaxSeal flex MAXSEALFLEX M

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Drizoro Maxseal Flex - M

22 kg Grey  FLEXMG22B

Please see below most popular  answers re Drizoro. 

Flex M is the newer product same as Drizoro Flex 
Apply wet on wet.
Mix  1 container of water to 3 containers of powder 
11 kg covers 6m2 
Max negative waterproofing pressure 5 bar


MAXSEAL® FLEX-M is a one-component cement based mortar. Once mixed only with water, it provides a high-performance flexible coating, for waterproofing and protection of concrete against positive and negative pressure.


Waterproofing and protection of water retaining structures, such as potable water tanks,
reservoirs, dams, water channels, fountains and swimming pools.
Waterproofing of below-grade structures like basements, retaining walls, foundations, tunnels, galleries subject to high negative water pressure.Waterproofing/protection of concrete in wastewater treatment plants, settlement tanks, etc.Waterproofing and protection against Insect and TERMITE ingress and of concrete structures against carbonation, and marine environment, such as civil works, bridges, architectural buildings, residential facades, etc.Waterproofing and protection of concrete against soil salts and aggressive groundwater, in underground jobs, foundations, etc.Waterproofing roofs, terraces, balconies, etc. Waterproofing of window boxes, gardens and other surfaces subject to root penetration.Internal waterproofing of bathrooms, kitchens and other wet areas in hotels, hospitals, offices, residential buildings, etc. 

Protection against Insect and TERMITE ingress. Provides a fully-flexible coating which ensures complete waterproofing even in the most severe conditions, or high negative water pressure.Good crack-bridging capability (> 0,5 mm). Acts as an anti-fracture membrane between the substrate and other finishing coats if chlorine (Cl-), thereby prevents and corrosion of steel rebarsAllows water vapour diffusion and the breathability of the concrete.Resistant to abrasion and UV rays.Withstands atmospheric pollution, corrosive effects of saltwater or de-icing salts.Excellent adhesion. Do not require primer and can be applied on wet surfaces.Non-toxic, suitable for contact with potable
Longer lasting than other coatings, avoiding maintenance costs.Environmentally friendly and suitable forapplication in poor ventilation areas.At shore “A” hardness 85(23mpa) considered insect and TERMITE proof.

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