Express Rollers Green Stripe Versatile Roller 270mm 21mm nap





Express Rollers Hi-Tech Green Stripe Versatile Roller 270mm 21mm nap

The Most Versatile Roller Cover! Perfect alternative to the Euro Roller type rollers.


  • Thermo Bonded core to Fibres
  • High Density ensures high paint capacity and release



  • Durable Fabric 21mm nap length
  • Can be used with ALL paints and on ALL surfaces


Available in: 270mm (230mm available upon request)

How to Use:

  1. Fill paint tray until it reaches only half way. Do not overfill.
  2. Roll versatile paint roller slowly into paint until uniformly saturated. Remove excess paint.
  3. Roll slowly and evenly. Finish one section at a time. For best results start roller in new area and paint back into previously painted section.

To Clean:

  1. Water Based (Latex) Paints - wash in warm, soapy water, then rinse in clear water.
  2. Oil Based Paints - use mineral spirits, paint thinner or turpentine.
  3. Store in this container for next use.

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