Festool ETS 150mm Random Orbital 5mm Sander in Systainer


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Festool ETS 150mm Random Orbital 5mm Sander in Systainer


The ETS 150/5 eccentric sander is the ideal intermediate sander and, with a 5 mm sanding stroke, achieves an optimum surface quality with a high material removal capacity. Suitable for large surfaces as well as working in detail – from primary to intermediate sanding. Whether it's coats of paint, window frames or natural wood, sanding or surface-grinding metal surfaces, filled areas on plasterboard panels or adjoining wood grains in corners – even in critical areas the ETS 150/5 eccentric sander is in its element.

If you need any help to choose the right sander, check out our helpful guide with tips and videos on our range of 150mm sanders.

Main applications

  • Intermediate and coarse sanding of clear coats and fillers
  • For flat and curved surfaces
  • Final sanding of fillers
    Built for manual operation

    Lightweight, compact, dome grip with SoftGrip and ergonomic rod handle guarantee effortless work whether in one- or two-hand operation.

    The powerful dust extraction and the absolutely leak-tight hose coupling guarantee virtually dust-free work. Unobstructed view for error-free sanding and optimum health protection.

    Lower abrasive consumption, lower costs

    The patented MULTI-JETSTREAM sanding system is a unique system that operates with intake air and exhaust air to generate an air flow that actively transports the sanding dust to the nearest extraction channel. The result: Almost 100% dust extraction, a constant removal rate, excellent surface quality and a considerably longer service life of the fastener and abrasive.

    Constant speed

    The MMC electronics control the smooth start-up, adapt the speed to the material and keep it constant. This also guarantees an optimum sanding result.

    Long service life

    Dust-proof high-performance ball bearing absorbs even the hardest of impacts and is considerably more durable than conventional ball bearings.

    Optimised surface quality

    The unique sanding pad brake prevents the sanding pad from turning upwards. It prevents the surface being scratched during sanding. For safe and error-free sanding without the need for reworking.

    For quick device changeover

    Thanks to the plug-it system, the device can be changed quickly – directly via the cable and not via the socket or extractor: One cable for all devices. And even if the cable breaks, it can be replaced quickly without any problems.

    Effortless work

    The vibration stop ensures smooth running, effortless work and a higher overall output. 

    Tech Specs

    • Tool Weight (kg): 1.80 kg
    • Dust Extraction Connection Diameter (mm): 27 mm
    • Sanding Stroke: 5.00 mm
    • Sanding Pad Diameter (mm): 150.00 mm
    • Power Lead Type: Plug-it Lead
    • Power Consumption (W or kW): 310 W
    • Orbital Motion Speed (rpm): 4 000 - 10 000 min⁻¹


    • ETS 150mm Random Orbital 5mm Sander
    • Soft High Temperature Backing Pad MJ2 150mm M8
    • Filter cartridge
    • Screwdriver WAF 5
    • Systainer SYS3 M 237
    • Tool Manual


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