Graco CleanShot™ Shut-Off Valve 287030


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Graco CleanShot™ Shut-Off Valve 287030

CleanShot Shut-Off Valve 287030

  • Unique needle valve shuts fluid off at the tip for a clean pattern
  • Perfect for any fine finish applications where spitting and dripping slows the job. Spray skirtings, trim, doors, ceilings, walls and roofs with no inconsistencies.  
  • No spitting 180 degrees tip swivel provides versatility when spraying walls and ceilings
  • Pressure-actuated - operates at a minimum of 700 psi (4.8 MPa, 48 bar)
  • Can be attached directly to any extension, or directly onto the hand piece. Provides clean fluid shut-off at the tip - no spitting

CleanShot Shut-Off Valve Repair Kit 244162

CleanShot Swivel Repair Kit 244363

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