Intex Heavy Duty Snap-Off blades 18 mm x 10 Pcs KB201

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Intex Snap Blade Knife Heavy Duty 18mm wide - 22KSB18

Intex Heavy Duty Snap Off Blades are specifically designed to effectively cut drywall. They’re manufactured from high carbon alloy steel, providing superior durability. They also provide effective corrosion resistance due to their titanium coating. Its safety dispensing arm allows for safer blade dispensation. Its autolock design also helps to maxmise safety and prevent user injuries.

 With Intex Heavy Duty Snap Off Blades, users always have access to new sharp blades. When used on uneven or rough surfaces, they are able to maintain their sharpness. When compared to a conventional utility knife, they provide better sustainability and last up to 6 times longer. Once a blade has become dull, all you have to do is remove it and reveal a sharp new edge. With Intex Heavy Duty Snap Off blades, you can get the job done quicker.

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