Tipsaver Spray Equipment Cleaner/Organizer, 22TS50

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One of the key struggles often faced by painters is trying to find a way to keep their spray equipment clean, organised and ready to use. Tipsaver solves this problem - it holds your airless sprayer tips, housing and filters, and cleans them, all in one convenient place. By using Tipsaver, you can reuse all of your spray related equipment - and increase productivity! It’s very simple to use, all you have to do is submerge it in a liquid cleaning solution and Tipsaver does the rest.  

No one wants to spend their valuable time scraping paint off their equipment. Not only that, but Tipsaver saves you an estimated price of 25%-35% on spray-related equipment. Tipsaver saves you time and money and will provide many years of service that you can depend on. It is engineered with chemical-resistant HDPE plastic and an easy snap-together design to ensure ultimate durability. It was designed with the user in mind, meaning that it is simple to use and fits in any one gallon paint can.  

Also - Tipsaver is conscious of your health! Exposing your hands to be harmful chemicals can easily damage your skin. Tipsaver removes the need for you to come in contact with chemicals for this very reason. No need to worry about sorting through dirty paint cans looking for tips, when you use this product you’ll be able to quickly retrieve whatever tip, housing, or filter you need. Light and portable, you can easily transport Tipsaver to any location you need it. Leave the days of dirty or lost equipment long behind you with the help of Tipsaver.

Note: Tips and tip guard not included. 


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