Uni-Pro Genius Sheepskin Roller Covers 360mm nap 30mm

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Uni-Pro Genius Sheepskin Roller Covers 360mm nap 30mm

Uni-Pro Genius Sheepskin Cover Premium Quality

Genius Sheepskin Covers 100% natural sheepskin, highly resilient fibre for long life and superior paint pick-up.

  • Thick 6ply phenolic core
  • Centrally stitched and glued holds paint better than gluing only


Before you use your new cover

Sheepskin is natural product and needs to be rinsed in water or the solvent recommended for the paint being used before use to remove any loose particles.


A little care goes a long way 

After use, wash sleeve thoroughly in the solvent recommended for the paint you are using. Then rinse in warm water with a little detergent. Finally, rinse in clean water and leave to dry standing on end. Store in a dry, shady place.

Do not soak a sheepskin cover or leave wet in a plastic bag. This can cause the leather backing to rot and will load to hair loss. When used with roller cage frame, uneven wear can occur at one end. To prevent this, you can knock out the end cap and turn the cover around on the frame so the pressure point is at the other end.

Aggressive solvents should not be used on sheepskin.

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