WEIFEI 8200 Half Facepiece Respirator, Silicon, Medium - Painting Spray Mask

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 WEIFEI 8200 Half Facepiece Respirator, Silicon, Medium - Painting Spray Mask


Downward Exhalation Port
Exhales hot and humid exhalation downwards, doesn't affect your line of sight.
Is not easy to contaminate exhalation valve piece, better if it's keeped clean.

Easy and Simple Assembly Design
It is very easy to install and disassemble the filter cartridge and filter cotton.

Advanced Headgear/Headband Design
Adjustable headgear, great comfortable fit.
Polyester and spandex braided headband for longer lasting elasticity.

Two Modes of Headband
Adjustable head with a standard mode and a drape mode, can be used with a helmet in the overhang mode for easy detachment.

Silicone Material for Comfortable Fit
Fits well on the face, suitable for users to wear for a long time.
One-time molding.
Long service life.
Good oil resistance.
Not easy to age.

Uniquely Designed Cold Flow Exhalation Valve
The exhalation valve has a large opening range, and the exhalation is smoother.

No heat and moisture collected in the mask, keeps air fresh.

Model Number: 8200
Material: Silicone
Protective Grade: KN95
Color: Blue with gray  

Package includes:
1 x Half Facepiece Respirator Silicone Reusable Mask Medium
2 x Organic vapors Cartridges-replaceable
2 x Filter retainer
2 x Particulate filter

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