Wooster 0.6-1.2m Sherlock GT Convertible Extension Pole

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Wooster 0.6-1.2m (2'-4') Sherlock GT Convertible Extension Pole (R090)

 "The tip is in the grip"

  • Sherlock GT 2' To 4' (feet) Extension Pole (600mm - 1200mm)
  • Wooster has created a special bayonet Grip Tip which holds Wooster tools in place so they cannot twist or loosen
  • The Conversion Tip (R042) Conversion Tip is stored in the bottom end of the grip and is easily pulled out, placed on top of the Grip Tip and makes all tools with a standard thread compatible with the GT pole
  • The nylon lever lets you Instantly change tools with one push
  • The pole is hexagonal for extra durability and to prevents twisting; the extension pole is made out of light-weight aluminium while the outer "housing" part is made of rugged fiberglass
  • Easily adjusts in 15cm (6”) increments with a touch of the thumb, then locks securely in place
  • Weighs about 600 grams


paintaccess wooster the tip is in the grip

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