Wooster Pelican Brushes and Rollers Pack (Save 20%)


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Wooster Pelican Brushes and Rollers Pack

Perfect pack for the quick touch-up jobs! Save $20 on this bundle, that's over 20% OFF. 

3 Wooster Paint Brushes, 10 mini micro-fibre roller covers, 3 tray liners, the tray and a micro roller frame.


1 x Wooster Pelican Hand Held Paint Tray 140mm 22W8619

1 x Wooster Pelican Paint Tray Liners 3-Pack  22W8629

1 x Wooster Silver Tip Wall (5223) 75mm Paint Brush  22W5223075

1 x Wooster Silver Tip Flat Sash (5220) 65mm Paint Brush  22W5220063

1 x Wooster Silver Tip Angle Sash (5221) 50mm Paint Brush 22W5221050

1 x Uni-Pro 100mm (4 inch) Micro Roller Frame Short Handle 12"  HBC5

1 x 10-pack Mini-Microfibre Rollers 110mm 11mm Nap ($9.00 RRP) PA001


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