Zinsser Gardz 946ml Problem Surface Sealer



Rust-Oleum's Zinsser GARDZ© PROBLEM SURFACE SEALER 946ml

Seal crumbling and porous surfaces with Rust-Oleum© Zinsser© GARDZ© Problem Surface Sealer. This sealer is made from a water-based formula which dries to a matt, clear finish and is low odour. It will create a hard, paintable surface over adhesive residues, damaged drywall, and other chalky surfaces.

  • Easy to apply, high spread rate, fast drying to a clear, matt finish
  • Water-based solution
  • Protects new drywall
  • Repairs torn paper on damaged drywall, eliminates bubbles
  • Seals old wallpaper adhesive
  • Seals skim coats & spackling


Apply liberally using a brush, medium-nap roller or sprayer. Best not to over-apply.



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