Zinsser Perma-White Satin 3.7L - Mould & Mildew Proof Exterior Finish Paint DISCONTINUED






PERMA-WHITE is a high performance 100% acrylic, all purpose, exterior paint uniquely formulated to beautify and protect exterior surfaces while preventing mould & mildew growth on the paint film for FIVE YEARS. PERMA-WHITE passes severe ASTM D5590 tests even when subjected to combined strains of mould & mildew spores. PERMA-WHITE produces a beautiful, tough durable, washable finish that withstands moisture and resists dirt pickup key conditions that promote mold & mildew growth on the paint film and eventually cause paint failure- and is backed by a 15 YEAR DURABILITY guarantee (see limited warranty). Ideal for Commercial and Industrial jobs as well as for Residential use.
Performance Characteristics
  • Mould & Mildew-Proofpaint film guaranteed for 5 years
  • 15 Year durability guarantee resists chalking, fading, peeling and blistering (see warranty)
  • Self-priming bonds to glossy and hard-to-paint surfaces
  • Easy application properties, high hide, great touch-up
  • Moisture and dirt resistant finish
  • Tintable to off-white, pastel or medium earth-tone colors
  • Low odor, fast drying recoat in 2 hours
  • Soap and water cleanup
Recommended Uses For application to exterior siding, foundations, doors, trim, window frames, shutters and related paintable surfaces for any exterior area where mold & mildew are a concern. PERMA-WHITE can be applied over any existing oil or latex paint.
Colour/Tinting PERMA-WHITE is bright white but may be tinted to off-white, pastel or medium colours with a maximum of 118 ml universal colourants per gallon. Start with 75% of the tinting formula for a given color and adjust if necessary. Multiple containers of tinted paint should be intermixed (boxed) to ensure colour uniformity.
NOTE: Do not paint vinyl siding with any color darker than the original siding color. Painting with darker colors may cause the siding to warp.
Coverage A single coat applied at 1.5 mils dried film thickness (DFT) covers approximately 37m per 3.7L. Coverage may vary with the porosity of the surface and the method of application.
Dry Time - Dries in 2 hours. Apply second coat 2 hours or longer after the first. Scrape-resistance over glossy surfaces develops in 7 to 10 days as PERMA-WHITE cures.

5 Years of Mould & Mildew Proof Paint Film Guarantee !

Available sizes: 3.7L, 19L

Technical Data Bulletin (click here)

Please see the MSDS here (click this link)

*this product contains a mildewcide to prevent the growth of mould & mildew on the paint film only.

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