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Earl’s Waxstix Range


Since 1991 Timbermate has produced an Australian made, water-based woodfiller range, which is now sold in 20 countries. Timbermate Wood filler is an Interior grade 4 in 1 Wood Putty, Grain Filler, Edge Filler and Crack Filler and remains our flagship product.

Earl’s® Waxstix® touch-up crayons are a great way to fix imperfections instantly.

Waxstix are so easy to use and so handy for quick repairs to scratched or damaged timber. Waxstix can be coated and stained. Plus, Waxstix contain no beeswax so they will not leave any white ring marking otherwise known as the “halo effect”.


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    • For most small scratches, simply rub the stick over the damaged area.
    • For larger, deeper indentations (where TIMBERMATE water-based Woodfiller cannot be used), heat a knife blade with a flame or a soldering iron or stove lighter and fill the damaged area with hot wax.
    • Remove excess wax by rubbing with the smooth side of sandpaper, a piece of cardboard or an old credit card.
    • Use a cotton cloth to buff and remove excess wax.


    • Non Shrinking
    • Non Sinking
    • No Beeswax
    • Interior Grade
    • Colours to suit almost any timber Baltic Pine WB1, Cedar WC1, Ebony WE1, Mahogany WM1, Maple WMA1, Jarrah WJ1, Natural WN1, Pine WP1, Rosewood WR1, Tas Oak WO1, Teak WT1, Walnut WW1, White WWH1
    • Earl’s Waxstix are proudly 100% Australian made and owned.