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TRITECH T360 Professional Airless Spray Gun TRITECH T360 Professional Airless Spray Gun
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TriTech is a part of a manufacturing group of companies that have been around for over 50 years. These companies make a variety of parts for many different applications. For example, parts for military helicopters, missiles, supercomputers, OEM shock absorbers, and countless other industrial and aerospace components. As a part of this quality driven group of companies, TriTech shares the same pride in manufacturing and can produce at a level of precision not seen in this industry before. To most manufacturing companies there is a world of difference in making parts to be used in a missile or supercomputer then an airless paint sprayer. Not to us!!! The care and precision that go into every part we make are exactly the same. It starts with an innovative product design incorporating the right material. Then we select the right machining center to make the part efficiently. Finally, the part goes through a rigorous inspection to make sure it is right.


TriTech’s Engineering and Sales Team have been in the airless industry for over 25 years. Our goal is to couple that experience with our precision manufacturing group to produce airless spray equipment that will work for you every day, year in and year out. That is what we have done. So when it’s time to replace that old airless tip, gun or pump think about TriTech as a quality driven American made alternative.


Quality Since 2005

The highest quality raw materials and components are used to manufacturer TriTech’s product offering. Strict quality assurance means reliability and durability that will meet or exceed the painter’s expectations.

Innovative designs resulting in US patents can be found from T93R to our 7,200psi T93 R Maxx Airless Spray Tips. Exclusive features to our spray equipment accessories including spray guns, extensions, fittings and more — every product is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

The experienced, knowledgeable, professional team at TriTech is here to support every product we manufacture. Quality products manufactured by and supported by quality people makes TriTech a meaningful supplier to the painting industry.


We will earn your business every day by providing superior service behind high quality products and programs that will help your business grow.