Do you ship Australia-wide?

Yes. We are based in Australia and are happy to offer shipping Australia-wide!

Do you have express shipping?

Yes we do, for NSW, VIC and QLD we have a $50.00 express service. In most cases we use TNT for express and it takes 24 hrs for delivery, however this timeframe will depend on the item and your location.

How long do items take to ship?

We strive to make it as quick as possible however it depends on your location. If the items are in stock, some items will dispatch the same day. However, some orders are processed through Dropship which may take 3-4 days.

Does PaintAccess ship to remote locations?

We ship to all locations in Australia covered by Australia Post. The couriers we use are CouriersPlease, Sendle, and TNT.

Payment Options

What payments does PaintAccess accept?

We accept Paypal, Mastercard, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Does PaintAccess accept interest-free payments?

We accept Poli, AfterPay and ZipPay, which give you flexible interest-free payments.

Do I get a trade discount?

Yes, you can. We have a dedicated trade discount form which you can fill out and one of our friendly staff will get back to you with further instructions.

Affiliate Program

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! Please see our Affiliate page where you can generate another source of income easily and quickly.

How does the affiliate program work?

 Our affiliate program is free and easy to join. You simply choose from our products which you’d like to advertise to your customers, use our linking tools, and start earning! For every successful referral, you’ll earn up to 5% commission.

Can I become an affiliate partner with PaintAccess?

Yes, we are always looking for trade painters to partner with and expand our network and expertise. Please email us directly at

Can I become an affiliate partner with PaintAccess?

Yes! We are proudly an Australian small business and specialise in paint and paint accessories delivered straight to your door.

Picking up your order

Can I collect my order from another location?

Yes you can, by providing us with your pick up address and we can send to any address in australia excluding PO boxes.

Do you have a physical location where I can pick up my order?

At the moment, we have a Sydney location in St Leonards where you are able to pick up your order and browse our range of paint and paint accessories. We also have plans to expand our pickup locations into more locations.

Other services

Do you repair paint sprayers?

Yes, we do repairs for smaller models in our warehouse in St Leonards. For bigger machines, we have our authorised Graco repair centres in all states of Australia. We work with the major Australian paint networks so you are covered anywhere in Australia 24/7.

Do you provide demonstrations on site?

Yes, we provide Australia wide demonstrations for Graco paint sprayers and Mirka dustless sanders.

Yes, we provide Australia wide demonstrations for Graco paint sprayers and Mirka dustless sanders.

Of course! Call us at any time and our friendly PaintAccess team will give you advice to help with the process, anything from selecting a paint sprayer to painting walls, how to apply paint, or how to use a paint sprayer


Can I buy paint and paint accessories online?

Yes, our online shop has a wide range of products such as paint and paint accessories, Graco sprayers, and Mirka dustless sanders - and we have our brand new colour selection and paint calculator available for your convenience.

Do you sell Australian-only brands?

Yes, as an Australian-based company, we specialise in Australian brands. However, we also stock high-quality international brands such as Rustoleum, Taubmans, and Dulux.

Can I return a product I purchased?

Yes, if certain conditions are met. Our returns policy is if your product is in its brand new condition, as per the original purchase, we offer refunds with a 10% restocking fee.

Painting questions

Can I use Dulux colours with other brands of paint?

Yes, at PaintAccess we can tint any brand of paint to match any other brand’s colour.

Can I pick up my paint from other locations?

Yes, you can pick up your paint from our trade partners.

Do you tint paint in our warehouse?

No, we don’t tint or mix in our warehouse, we use our partner facilities to do this for us.

Do you have paint for pick up at your warehouse?

We have some white bases available for pickup but in most cases it takes us an hour to get any kind of paint delivered to our warehouse. Before you pick up, make sure you have placed your order and call us for confirmation.

Do you have paint for pick up at your warehouse?

Yes, we ship paint to any city Australia-wide.

Do you have paint for pick up at your warehouse?

Here at PaintAccess, we sell Australian made paint plus paint and accessories made globally.

Paint Sprayers questions

Are you an authorised Graco reseller?

Yes, we are an authorised Graco seller and distributor

Do you repair Graco equipment?

Yes, we do repairs in our warehouse plus we use our partner companies to do repairs across Australia.

Do you provide technical advice and tutorials for airless paint sprayers?

Yes, we provide full tutorials about how to prime, how to use, how to spray, and more. Please contact us by phone or visit our warehouse for more information.

Do you explain how to spray and how to use tip for all types of paint?

Yes, our salespeople are trained and they are ex-spray painters so they are able to explain any spraying techniques to achieve a desired texture for any type of surfaces.

Do you sell Graco high pressure cleaners?

Yes, we do sell all types of Graco equipment such as high pressure cleaners, texture sprayers and all types of Graco equipment.