Paint Calculator

Great PaintAccess Feature for easy understanding how many litres of particular paint you are required for online Paint Order. 

Are you wondering how much paint you need for a particular painting project? Here at PaintAccess, we have developed a paint calculator to help you work it out. Our paint calculator allows you to calculate the amount of paint you’ll require for a project by entering measurement details of the room, including doors and windows. We’re always working hard to add new features to improve our paint calculator. Soon, we’ll be introducing a feature that allows you to calculate an approximate labour cost for a painting project. 

This way, you’ll be able to have a rough idea of how much you’ll be expecting to pay. Usually for a 3 bedroom unit or house, it requires 20L of ceiling paint. The most commonly used sheen is flat. For bathroom ceilings, it’s best to use a mould proof or low sheen paint because those areas are moist and develop mould easily. For walls, roughly 30L of paint is required and it is usually low sheen. Woodwork usually requires less paint, often somewhere between 4-6 litres. In terms of paint coverage, 1L usually covers 7-10 square metres. However, this estimate is for previously painted surfaced only. When working with new plasterboard, 1L covers around 7 square metres. New render work requires 1L to cover roughly 5 square metres. 

 We are working every day to improve our users' experience plus developing new features to make online paint and paint accessories shopping easy.