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Haymes Ultratrim Semi Gloss White Haymes Ultratrim Semi Gloss White
Haymes Interior Expressions Low Sheen Low Voc Haymes Interior Expressions Low Sheen Low Voc
Haymes Solashield Exterior Low Sheen Haymes Solashield Exterior Low Sheen
Products Haymes Ultratrim Gloss Products Haymes Ultratrim Gloss

Products Haymes Ultratrim Gloss

Haymes Elite professional Low Sheen Low Voc Haymes Elite professional Low Sheen Low Voc
Haymes Solashield Exterior Matte Haymes Solashield Exterior Matte
Haymes Interior Expressions Matte Low VOC Haymes Interior Expressions Matte Low VOC

Haymes Ultracover



Best Rated Paint Brand: Haymes Paint

Move over Dulux, there's a new paint king in town. Haymes Paint took out the Finder Award for best paint brand this year, with the highest rating for quality of finish and great scores for durability, ease of application and value for money.

Most Satisfied Customers | Haymes Paint

Haymes Paint has topped Canstar Blue’s paint ratings for the third year in a row, receiving five stars in all key areas including durability, quality of finish, range, value for money and overall customer satisfaction.

Haymes Paint still brushes up best in paint ratings

Anyone who has ever spent hours painting their home knows the feeling of satisfaction that comes when you finally get to put down that brush and take off your overalls. Sure, you could pay someone else to decorate your home for you, but where’s the fun in that? A spot of DIY on the weekend is just the ticket, provided of course that you’re not let down by your tools.

On paying a visit to the hardware store, you’ll probably be surprised at the sheer array of paints available. Wading through the decision-making process can prove quite daunting, but luckily, we’ve canvassed the opinions of more than 1,000 Australians who have been in this exact position, to help you along the way. We asked them about the paint they most recently used, to get their feedback on a range of crucial factors, such as its quality, durability, and how easy it is to use. The idea is to give you as much information as possible about the paint brands on offer, so you know which are worth getting stuck into for your next big DIY job.

The results are in and Australian icon Haymes Paint has again taken the top spot for the third year in a row, achieving five stars for overall customer satisfaction. Top marks were also awarded for durability, value for money, quality of finish and range.




Over the years, each member has taken care to hand on the commitment and passion for crafting quality products. After all, it is our name and reputation on the can.

We live and breathe our values of individuality, independence and integrity. It's why you can be sure we'll never treat you like a number, never take shortcuts with the quality of our products or our service and why you'll find us at exclusive paint retailers.


History of Haymes

Haymes Paint is Australia’s largest independently owned manufacturer of exterior and interior paints. They have hundreds of paint stores around Australia. A family-run business, Haymes was founded in Ballarat in 1935. In 1986, Haymes became the major paint supplier of the national trust. 2004 marked Haymes going green. An award winning recycling and water-saving initiative was implemented in the manufacturing plant, allowing for Haymes to introduce new low odour, low VOC paints. In 2015, Haymes celebrated its 80th year of operation. 


A paint range for any job

Haymes has a wide range of interior paints suitable for ceilings, walls, trim, and other surfaces. Their Ultra Premium Expressions paint 99% VOC free with no fumes or odours, and the ultra-flat smooth finish provides superb coverage and excellent hiding power. Their Ultra Premium Expressions paint is a highly durable interior paint which provides perfect coverage and great washability. Most household stains can be easily removed without compromising the quality of the paint.


It also comes with a 7 year mould and mildew protection guarantee, as well as a low odour and environmentally friendly formula. Haymes’ range of trim enamel paints features a self-levelling formula to produce the smoothest results. Taubmans’ trim range is available in high gloss, semi gloss, and low sheen. Its tough and durable finish is ideal for high wear areas and is scuff and mark resistant. It can be applied by either a paint sprayer, brush, or roller.


Best Colour range 

Haymes has one of the best colour ranges with a wide variety of options for all colour schemes. They are one of the first companies to recognise Australia’s heritage homes by developing a range of heritage colours based on the original Australian and British Standard Numbers. If you’re looking to add a unique touch to your home, Haymes’ Artisan collection is a great place to start. The Artisan range has a wide variety of colours designed to add a unique feature to any space.

Wood finishing products 

Haymes isn’t just for paint. In fact, it has an excellent range of woodcare products designed to protect and enhance a wide range of natural timbers. They have been providing quality timber finishes for over 70 years. Initially, Haymes provided products to French polishers and the furniture industry, before expanding to a wide range of timber finishes. Haymes provides products for preparation, exterior, interior flooring, and interior stains, for all your woodcare needs.