Painting Products Friendly to the Environment

Krud Kutter 100g Waste Paint/Colorant Hardener
Krud Kutter 100g Waste Paint/Colourant Hardener Great for latex paints or colourants spills and disposal! Krud Kutter will make your...
Orange-Peel Stripping Gel
Orange-Peel Stripping Gel 500ml and 4L Orange-Peel Paint Stripper is easy to use, yet very fast acting and will remove multiple...
Sifa Hobby Pack Biodegradable Steel Wool - 50% CLEARANCE - [special] Sale
Sifa Hobby Pack Biodegradable Steel Wool - 50%...
Sifa Hobby Pack Biodegradable Steel Wool Medium - Grade: 1 Prepares surfaces before painting. Cleans costs cast and wrought iron....
$4.35 $2.18
Uni-Pro 270mm Heavy Duty Paint Tray
Uni-Pro 270mm Heavy Duty Paint Tray. Deep Paint grooves add rigidity and give more even paint loading curved paint well...
Uni-Pro Canvas Door Frame Drop Sheet - 152...
Canvas Door Frame Dropsheet Fits most standard single door frames Simply fold in centre to adjust length Quickly seals off...
Uni-Pro Ezy Pot With Lid 3 Litre
Uni-Pro Ezy Pot With Lid - No mess No Drips Unique center wiping edge No more drips over sides Convenient...
Uni-Pro Genius Sheepskin Roller Covers 270mm
Uni-Pro Genius Sheepskin Roller Covers Uni-Pro Genius Sheepskin Cover Premium Quality Genius Sheepskin Covers 100% natural sheepskin, highly resilient fibre...
Uni-Pro Hooded Roller Tray 230mm. Heavy Duty Recycled...
Uni-Pro Hooded Heavy Duty Plastic Tray 230mm. Professional choice. Suitable for acrylic and enamel paints. Light and strong. Designed for...

We have collected the products from our store that we believe are friendly to the environment in one way or another. Some are made from recycled materials, others are easy to recycle or do not harm the environment.



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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recovery! We are proud to state that all of our boxes are re-used supplier boxes. Reducing waste and unnecessary production of more manufactured cardboard boxes. We also reuse packaging material, e.g. plastic film, air pockets, bubble wrap, cardboard and polystyrene foam. 

Businesses, as well as Individuals, should look for opportunities to reduce the waste that they generate before trying to reuse or recycle. After all attempts to reduce or eliminate the generation of waste have been exhausted, the next preferred option is to look for opportunities to reuse items. If all waste reduction and reuse options are exhausted, individuals and businesses should try to recycle. recycles all their non-reusable boxes. 

We care about our Earth and have a strong commitment to our environment.

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