Delivery Information


We are open to the public during our normal business hours, 7am to 2pm. Call us for after 2pm as we may still be open. Open Monday through Friday, Closed on the Weekends and Holidays. 



With all our orders we work to process within 1-3 business days.
With the majority of our deliveries we either use CouriersPlease or Australia Post services. They have an expected delivery period of 1 to 2 business days with the major eastern capital cities, 5 business days for Perth. Delivery within Sydney Region suburbs can happen on the same or next business day, barring no stock issues. However, if you need the goods urgently, please contact us before placing your order to double check the stock with our local warehouse.

If you would like to know exact delivery time to your address, please send a request (through the contact us form) - we will reply to you shortly.

All orders are shipped as registered parcels. You will receive a confirmation email when your order is dispatched. The tracking number will be provided. By ordering from us, you consent to let choose whether to authorize the delegated courier company to leave the parcel at the destination without a recipient signature.

Delivery cost varies. It depends on the total value of the order and delivery postcode/area.

New South Wales

Australian Capital Territory

Order Value

Delivery Price

$0 - $249.99 $12
$250+ FREE




Order Value

Delivery Price

$0 - $149.99 $14*
$150 - $299.99 $20*
$300+ FREE*

Western Australia*

South Australia*

Order Value

Delivery Price

$0 - $99.99 $17*
$100 - $199.99 $23*
$200 - $349.99 $29*
$350+ FREE*

Northern Territory*

Order Value

Delivery Price

$0 - $149.99 $20*
$150 - $299.99 $24*
$300+ $15*

*In some cases we might contact you regarding delivery price.
 If you are located in remote area and/or purchase goods that are very heavy or bulky (e.g paint tins, heavy metal products, gap fillers, extension poles etc.), delivery price might vary.

Remote area postcodes:
7255, 7256, 6032, 6056, 6065-6073, 6110, 6112, 6153, 6163, 6164, 6167, 6171, 6181, 6209-6211, 6251-6262, 6271, 6275, 6280-6872, 6901-6905, 6910-6913, 6915, 6918-6932, 6934, 6939-6957, 6960, 6963-6989, 6991, 6992 5211, 5214, 5223, 5250, 5270, 5271, 5277-5280, 5331-5333, 5340, 5341, 5351-5357, 5400, 5630, 5680, 5690, 5700, 5710, 5720-5734 4488-4490, 4650, 4724-4736, 4801, 4804-4809, 4816, 4819-4830, 4849, 4850, 4871-4891, 4872-4895 3662, 2108, 2164, 2230, 2898, 2899 0800-0886

If you will be not satisfied with the final shipping cost, unfortunately, we will have to issue full refund and cancel your order.



reduce reuse recycle recover paintaccess

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recovery! We are proud to state that all of our boxes are re-used supplier boxes. Reducing waste and unnecessary production of more manufactured cardboard boxes. We also reuse packaging material, e.g. plastic film, air pockets, bubble wrap, cardboard and polystyrene foam. 

Businesses, as well as Individuals, should look for opportunities to reduce the waste that they generate before trying to reuse or recycle. After all attempts to reduce or eliminate the generation of waste have been exhausted, the next preferred option is to look for opportunities to reuse items. If all waste reduction and reuse options are exhausted, individuals and businesses should try to recycle. recycles all their non-reusable boxes. 

We care about our Earth and have a strong commitment to our environment. We offer environmentally friendly products, check them out here. 

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