Earn a $50 PaintAccess voucher and get the best gear!

Earn a $50 PaintAccess voucher and get the best gear! All you have to do is leave 5 product reviews and a review for PaintAcess on Google. Visit our website, select a product from our “Shop” menu and leave a review by clicking the “Write a review” button under the product description. Once you’ve posted your review,  you’ll get your $50 voucher!

To get the voucher, you need to be a PaintAccess customer who’s previously bought the product with a review of a minimum of two sentences. Tell us all about your experience with the product, what you liked about it, and if you’d recommend it to others. Once you’ve published your review, let us know either through the chat or by sending us an email to trade@paintaccess.com.au


How to write a product review

If you’re not sure what to include in a product review, there are a few key points you can talk about. First, you can talk about your first impressions and experiences with the product. This helps potential customers to know what they should expect when first receiving the product. You can also talk about pros and cons of the product, what you enjoyed about it, and make an overall decision about whether or not the product is worth purchasing. But don’t worry - you don’t have to write about all these things! Your review for PaintAccess only has to be a couple of sentences long and you can decide which points you want to mention.


Importance of reviews 

Why do reviews matter so much? Well, in today’s digital age, reviews are highly important. In the past, people recommended products to each other by word of mouth, by nowadays we rely on online reviews. Buying a product online can be tricky. You can’t physically see or touch the product to help you decide if it’s right for you. Instead, you have to rely on reviews that past customers have left to figure out whether the product is good or bad. If you think back to the last time you ordered an item online, you probably checked the reviews to see if they were positive before you purchased the product.


A highly reviewed product gives the customer the confidence that the product is worth it. By leaving a review on one of our products here at PaintAccess, you’re helping others to decide whether the product is right for them. Find your favourite 5 products that you’ve bought recently, write your review today, let us know, and the $50 voucher will be yours to spend on all our best gear!