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Orange-Peel Stripping Gel Sale
Orange-Peel Stripping Gel
Orange-Peel Stripping Gel 500ml and 4L Orange-Peel Paint Stripper is easy to use, yet very fast acting and will remove multiple...
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The Company Norglass was incorporated in May 1979 in Sydney, and current ownership acquired in May 1982. It is 100% family owned by Les Baker, Janice Baker and Brett Mould. Experience Les Baker has over 50 years experience in the paint industry and 38 years lecturing in surface coatings throughout Australasia. All senior staff are qualified in surface coatings. Quality Control Every product manufactured by Norglass undergoes a rigid triple-check series of evaluations to ensure all raw materials are to their highest standard before being used. The triple-check process is carried throughout until the manufactured product is placed on the warehouse shelves for sale. This fail safe procedure has ensured that not one product has left the premises outside of its design specification in 25 years. About Norglass Paints Norglass has a policy of commitment to producing the “best of the best” in products and services… without compromise. Director & Founder, Les Baker Norglass is a specialist manufacturer of highest quality paints and surface coatings. Each raw material is selected for its performance characteristics, not the price. The management philosophies decree that quality is the path to success – not quantity. This is endorsed by market acceptance nationally in one of the harshest and most extreme climates on earth. From Albany in Western Australia to Zillmere in Queensland, Norglass products are out there performing, year after year. From multi-million dollar luxury yachts in the Philippines to outriggers in Lae, Papua New Guinea the reputation continues to expand. Our Product Range More than 50 retail D.I.Y. lines of paint, marine and specialty finishes covering a ‘start to finish’ systems approach for all surfaces. From glues, fillers, reinforcing materials, primers, undercoats, finishes and clears to solvents, cleaners and additives. Sizes vary from 20 millilitres to 20 litres. The areas of usage vary widely as illustrated by some applications of Northane Gloss. This 2 pack polyurethane protects railway station seats, cars, stock crates, fish ponds, garage doors, aluminium windows, communication towers, furniture, earth moving machinery, buses, racing cars, water tanks, kitchen cupboard doors, aircraft, pipelines, caravans, cold storage cells, department store shelving, food processing surfaces… just to mention some examples of difficult maintenance areas. Availability & Stockists Norglass products are available throughout the Mitre 10 Hardware group, Danks hardware and garden centre group, Paint Place stores, Inspirations Paint Group stores, independent paint groups, marine outlets, selected ships chandlers and other approved outlets. Find your local Norglass stockist. Technical Support On the most common surfaces such as concrete, steel, aluminium, fibreglass and wood, Norglass have a range of “How to do it” guides as well as technical fact sheets on each product. Your local Norglass stockist can supply this information as well as colour cards upon request. MSDS are all available online. For further technical assistance please contact us.
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