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Rotacota Calibre Slim Angle Cutter Rotacota Calibre Slim Angle Cutter
Rotacota Calibre Sash Cutter Rotacota Calibre Sash Cutter
SKU: N1030947-UNIT

Rotacota Calibre Sash Cutter

Rotacota Calibre Oval Cutter Rotacota Calibre Oval Cutter
SKU: N1030953-UNIT

Rotacota Calibre Oval Cutter

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RotaCota Airless Paint Sprayer RotaCota Airless Paint Sprayer
Rotacota Calibre Wall Brush Rotacota Calibre Wall Brush
SKU: N1030950-UNIT

Rotacota Calibre Wall Brush

Save 3%
RotaCota Roller Cover Cleaner RotaCota Roller Cover Cleaner


Rota Cota is a heritage trade brand in paint accessories; a manufacturer of premium trade brushes and rollers and they've been in Australia for more than 40 years.

The Rota Cota brand is part of the Dulux Group, servicing Australian and New Zealand markets. Other Dulux companies including iconic brands like Selleys, British Paints, and Cabot’s. Rota Cota products are available at Inspirations paint stores, Dulux outlets, Bunnings, and - of course - right here at PaintAccess where our online paint experts have been recommending their products for years.

It's likely you've used their innovative products - brushes, paint rollers, roller cleaners (Rolla Cleanas) and roller covers - before; specialised painting tools created for professional tradies and DIY painters.

Rota Cota is known for producing high quality brush and roller products with maximum paint pick-up that far exceed average paint holding capacity products. Rota Cota brushes make the application of paint a breeze and have been an industry favourite for a long time. Their range of paint brushes are known for easy application and even release of paint for a high-quality finish.

Rota Cota also have a great range of paint roller cleaning products that make removing paint from roller covers and quick and easy. Regardless of the paint type you're using - from matte, to gloss and semi-gloss paints in between - cleaning is quick and easy with Rota Cota.

Now the great folks at Rota Cota have an impressive new line of airless paint sprayers and accessories. Apply paint quickly and easily with a Rota Cota paint sprayer.

Rota Cota's reputation for quality products at affordable prices mean that their easy-to-use line of airless paint sprayers are perfect for DIY projects. Speak to a PaintAccess team member today about the Rota Cota product that's right for you.