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Drizoro MAXSEAL FOUNDATION waterproof coating Drizoro MAXSEAL FOUNDATION waterproof coating
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Drizoro MAXSEAL Flex M - Flexible Waterproof Drizoro MAXSEAL Flex M - Flexible Waterproof
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Drizoro MAXSEAL FOUNDATION waterproof coating Kit Brush & Mixer Drizoro MAXSEAL FOUNDATION waterproof coating Kit Brush & Mixer
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Drizoro Efflorescence RID Drizoro Efflorescence RID
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Drizoro Construction Products

Drizoro S.A.U. Is a Spanish company with more than thirty years of experience as a manufacturer of chemical products for the building industry, focused on the specialty of waterproofing mortars, protective and repair mortars for concrete structures, decorative and protective coatings for façades and flooring systems.

From our Headquarters and Production Centre, localized at Torrejón of Ardoz (Madrid), all works carried out for the different departments are directed: Production, Research & Development and Laboratory, Technical, Commercial, Marketing and Management.

Technology and innovation

The commitment to the continuous improvement of products and processes, incorporating the latest technologies, leads us to pursue an open and clear direction, serves as a stimulus for all of us in the company and we deal with the present and future with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Near you and around the world

Drizoro S.A.U. has an international division, providing permanent contact and technical assistance to our customers in more than thirty countries.
Our projected achievements, but in permanent evolution and modernisation, have allowed us the better development of national and international markets by implanting the Drizoro Products.

Strong commitment to the quality and the environment

Our strong commitment with the quality and the environment has led to us the implantation an integrated quality and environment management system, which is based on the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 standards.

Certification of both standards, initially granted by Bureau Veritas Quality International on the 27th of November of 2003, fits our continuous commitment for research and development of new products and systems in order to could offer the latest high quality solutions, which are also respectful with the environment. On the other hand, both a checked experience and a tested use under the most adverse conditions throughout the world guarantee these solutions.