Here at PaintAcess, we are an Australian independent small business built from scratch are always looking to expand our team with like-minded and passionate individuals. If you are talented, eager to learn, and are willing to put the effort into helping us grow, we want to hear from you! We are currently seeking talented individuals for the positions of Marketer Guru, SEO Specialist, Google Ads Fanatic, CEO/Director, and Growth Monster. Please see below for more information about the positions we are currently looking to fill.

Looking for Talent


If you are an expert in all things marketing and know how to sell, we want to hear from you! A marketing guru helps us to ensure our business is promoted and advertised effectively to allow a wide Australian audience exposure to our business and products. If you believe this description sounds like you, please get in touch!


Do you know how to bring PaintAccess to the first page of Google results? Are you familiar with all the tips and tricks and all things SEO? If you answered yes to both of these questions, we would love to hear from you. An SEO Specialist is an expert in SEO, knows exactly what keywords and phrases to use to bring PaintAccess forward in search results, and wants to help our business grow. Our perfect candidate would have the passion, expertise, and experience to help us with all things SEO.


Our Google Ads Fanatic is someone with an analytical mindset who knows all there is to know about Google Ads and how to optimize PaintAccess’ ads to reach a wider Australian audience. A Google Ads fanatic is passionate about helping our company reach its fullest potential and ensure our website gets plenty of exposure through google ads. If this description sounds like you and you are interested in this position then feel free to get in touch with us.


Our CEO/Director is someone who is great with people and managing them, with excellent communication and organizational skills to keep our company running smoothly and efficiently. This position requires a person who is able to keep cool under pressure and maintain an organized and efficient workplace. If this describes you perfectly, we are interested in hearing from you so please get in touch!


Here at PaintAccess, we are always looking to grow and expand in order to ensure our company is as strong as it can possibly be. As suggested in the name, our Growth Monster is responsible for introducing and implementing strategies to allow our company to continue to grow. If you think you have interesting skills that can benefit the growth and development of our company, you would be our top candidate!


A warehouse assistant is organised, hard-working, and efficient, ensuring that the day-to-day schedule is smooth. The warehouse assistant is also responsible for ensuring that customers’ orders are received and sent out without any issues. If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you and you believe you have the necessary skills to fulfill this position to a high standard, please get in contact with us. Below is an overview of the standard schedule of tasks you’d be expected to complete daily.