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Stylus Renderer's Blue Cloth Masking Tape Range Stylus Renderer's Blue Cloth Masking Tape Range
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iQuip Japanese Cloth Masking Tape 36mm X 25m Range iQuip Japanese Cloth Masking Tape 36mm X 25m Range
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iQuip Japanese Cloth Masking Tape 48mm X 25m Range iQuip Japanese Cloth Masking Tape 48mm X 25m Range
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Promask Korean Render Cloth Tape 48mm X 25m Range Promask Korean Render Cloth Tape 48mm X 25m Range
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Promask Korean Render Cloth Tape 36mm X 25m Range Promask Korean Render Cloth Tape 36mm X 25m Range


Cloth Tape

Cloth tape, a staple in many Aussie toolkits, is a durable adhesive tape known for its strength and versatility. Made with a cloth backing, it offers exceptional resilience, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. This tape's robust adhesive ensures a firm grip on a variety of surfaces, from smooth plastics to rough timber. Its easy-to-tear nature allows for quick, no-fuss application, essential in fast-paced environments. Popular among tradies for its reliability in demanding conditions, cloth tape is also a go-to for DIY enthusiasts for repairs, bundling, and even temporary fixes. A true all-rounder, it's as handy on a worksite as it is in a home garage.

PaintAccess has a wide range of cloth tape products from traditional "gaffer" fabric tape through to high-tech fabric masking tape from iQuip. Whatever your cloth tape needs, PaintAccess has you covered.

What is cloth tape used for?

Cloth tape, renowned for its strength and versatility, is a multifaceted player in a myriad of applications. In Australia, it's a common sight in construction sites, workshops, and homes, embraced by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Its robust adhesive quality makes it a go-to solution for heavy-duty bonding tasks. Tradies often use it for securing cables to floors, ensuring safety and organization at worksites. In the realm of arts and crafts, its ability to stick to various surfaces and easy tearability lends itself to creative projects and temporary displays.

In the automotive industry, cloth tape is indispensable for bundling wires, providing a neat and secure way to manage complex wiring systems. Outdoor adventurers find it invaluable for quick fixes on camping gear, from patching tents to reinforcing backpack straps. Its weather-resistant properties mean it can withstand the harsh Aussie sun and sudden downpours, making it a reliable choice for outdoor applications.

In theatrical settings (where it is known as "gaffer tape"), cloth tape is a behind-the-scenes hero, used for marking stages and securing props. At home, it's the handy solution for quick repairs, from fixing broken household items to reinforcing book bindings. Its cloth backing allows for flexibility, making it effective for tasks requiring a conformable tape that can hold its own against stress and movement.

Is cloth tape the same as duct tape?

Technically no, cloth tape and duct tape are not the same, although they share similarities. Cloth tape is a versatile adhesive tape with a durable cloth backing, known for its strength and easy "tearability". It's used in various settings, from industrial applications to arts and crafts. Duct tape, on the other hand, is a heavier-duty adhesive tape with a plastic-coated, water-resistant surface, and it's typically used for sealing ducts, heavy-duty packing, and temporary repairs. While both tapes are strong and versatile, duct tape is more resistant to moisture and better suited for long-lasting, robust applications.

Is cloth tape the same as masking tape?

Cloth tape and masking tape are distinct products with different uses. Cloth tape features a durable, fabric backing, making it strong and versatile for a range of heavy-duty applications, including bundling, securing, and temporary repairs. It's known for its high adhesive strength and ability to adhere to various surfaces. Masking tape, in contrast, is lighter and designed for temporary use, particularly in painting and decorating. It has a paper-based backing and a less aggressive adhesive, which allows for easy removal without leaving residue. While both are useful, their different properties make them suited for different tasks.

Can cloth tape get wet?

Cloth tape is designed to be robust and versatile, and it generally offers a degree of water resistance, making it suitable for use in moist or outdoor conditions. The fabric backing of the tape provides some level of protection against water, allowing it to maintain its integrity and adhesion when exposed to light moisture or humidity. However, it's important to note that while cloth tape can handle damp environments better than many other types of adhesive tapes, it is not fully waterproof. Prolonged or heavy exposure to water may eventually compromise its adhesive quality and overall effectiveness.

Is cloth tape better than paper tape?

Whether cloth tape is better than paper tape depends on the intended use. Cloth tape, with its durable fabric backing, is designed for strength and versatility. It excels in heavy-duty tasks, offers greater resistance to wear and tear, and can adhere strongly to various surfaces. In contrast, paper tape, often lighter and more environmentally friendly, is best for tasks requiring gentleness and easy removability, like painting and delicate surface protection. While cloth tape is superior for robust applications and outdoor use, paper tape is preferable for temporary fixes and applications where leaving no residue and easy removal are important.

iQuip cloth tape

The iQuip cloth tape range exemplifies innovation and reliability, perfectly catering to the needs of professional painters, decorators, and tradies across Australia. With a keen focus on the painting and decorating sectors, iQuip has developed a line of cloth tapes that blend superior strength with versatility, ensuring that every roll meets the high standards demanded by professionals.

Each product in the iQuip cloth tape series is designed to address specific challenges encountered in painting and decorating. These tapes provide robust adhesion to a variety of surfaces, ensuring crisp lines and preventing paint bleed, a crucial factor for achieving professional-grade finishes. The easy-tear nature of the tape allows for quick, efficient application, saving valuable time on the job.

What sets iQuip apart is their commitment to understanding and serving the unique needs of the paint and render industries. Their products are not just tools but solutions, designed with the input and feedback of the very professionals who use them daily. This customer-centric approach is evident in the durability, ease of use, and overall quality of their cloth tape range.

Moreover, the iQuip team's dedication to offering a "new and better choice" resonates in their product line. They are not just selling tape; they are providing a promise of quality, innovation, and support to Australia's hardworking painters and tradies. This ethos of dedicated service and superior product performance makes the iQuip cloth tape range a standout choice for professionals seeking reliability and excellence in their tools and accessories.