Wallboard Tools Super Mesh Ceramic 225mm 10pk Range

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Wallboard Tools Super Mesh Ceramic 225mm 10pk Range


Wallboard Tools Super Mesh Ceramic 225mm 10pk


With new technology ceramic grain, the mesh pad lasts significantly longer than traditional paper sanding pads and continues to stay sharp during prolonged use. It has minimal clogging, is dustless when attached to the vacuum, and suitable for sanding on a variety of surfaces. 


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    • Ceramic abrasive grain is self sharpening = stays sharper for longer
    • Hundreds of holes = reduced clogging
    • Ceramic Pads + quality vacuum = dustless sanding
    • Sharper grains = faster material removal
    • Reduced sanding pressure required for a quality finish
    • Outlasts traditional paper faced sanding pads
    • Easy alignment (no designated hole pattern)
    • Creates less heat than traditional aluminium oxide abrasives
    • Suitable for use on plasterboard, paint & wood surfaces
    • Our most premium & economical sanding solution yet!
    • Grit range from 80g-320g  
    • Size: 225mm
    • Product code: SMC
    • Pack Size: 10pk


    • The Ceramic Mesh also has a tough tear resistance, easy alignment (no designated hole pattern) and a high grip hook & loop.
    • Wallboard’s Ceramic Super Mesh is set to impress.