Purdy Multifunction 10 in 1 Folding Painter's Tool

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Purdy Multifunction 10 in 1 Folding Painter's Tool


Safe to stow and carry in your pocket, this versatile Purdy 10-in-1 Folding Painter's Tool is ideal for light work. You can use it as a caulk cleaner, cutter, bottle opener, hammer, scraper, spreader, roller cleaner, paint can opener, flat head screwdriver and pocket clip. Its stainless steel blade is both durable and rust-resistant. Its folding mechanism is patented and easy to operate.


  • Open paint cans or use as a flat screwdriver
  • Tough hammerhead end and bottle opener
  • Use the curved area to remove excess paint from roller covers
  • Spread patching compound
  • Convenient cutter with pointed end to open or clean cracks
  • Scrape old paint or debris or use small flat edge to scrape caulk
  • Ten uses in one tool
  • Rust resistant, stainless steel blade
  • Blade folds to prevents accidental tears to pants, car seats and more