PaintAccess Rocket Hands Free Paint Roller Cleaner

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PaintAccess Rocket Hands Free Paint Roller Cleaner


Are you tired of cleaning paint roller covers? The PaintAccess Rocket Hands Free Paint Roller Cleaner was designed to allow you to to clean various sizes of paint roller covers using water pressure to spray and spin roller covers clean. You can use your roller covers several times, saving time, labour, and material costs. It also saves you the awful mess and hassle of cleaning your roller cover by hand.


  • Hands Free Paint Removal
  • Saves Time and Money on Labor and Materials
  • Saves Messy Cleanup!
  • Patented Design
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Made from High Quality, Durable Materials
  • For use with 9” Rollers and Latex Paints
  • Fun and Easy to Use!
  • Less Paint Rollers in Landfills
  • Adapters included for Economy Roller Sizes
  • Works with all Naps



Don’t throw away your paint roller covers - use them again and again. Save yourself the time, money, mess, and waste of cleaning them by hand! Just click it in and watch it spin. See at a glance when the water runs clear - it’s clean!

The Rocket can be used with both standard residential water pressures and higher water pressures. This paint roller cleaner works using water pressure to spray and spin covers clean. It’s clear design lets you see at a glance when the water runs clean. It’s for latex products only, and will clean 9” roller covers of any nap. Snap in the economy adapter provided and you can clean smaller economy rollers. It is equipped with a 2 foot hose and a male and female hose adapter that works for both indoor and outdoor use. The Rocket allows paint rollers to be re-used over and over, saving time, hassle and mess, and ensuring fewer paint rollers end up in landfills each year.




Simply click in your used roller cover while it’s still on the roller frame. The frame will click into the slot in the top ring of your Rocket, as shown above. Snap the top closed, and lock it by pulling the handle upright. Turn on your water source. Be sure you’ve placed your Rocket into your utility drain, or on your lawn or ground, in an appropriate spot for the dirty water to sink. Note that the area will show some paint on it for a little while, so choose a spot where that will not affect anyone.


6 spray nozzles will spray and spin your roller cover clean of paint. The dirty water goes out the bottom of the Rocket. (We removed the cover to show you, but don’t do this at home! You’ll see at a glance when the water runs clean!)

Feel free to walk away for a bit. The Rocket is cleaning your roller pad for you!

Turn off water when it runs clear and you can see your clean paint roller cover inside the Rocket. Congratulations! You’ve just saved yourself time, money, and mess!








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