Zip Wall Clear Polyethylene Sheeting


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Zip Wall Clear Polyethylene Sheeting


Protecta-Sheet (Polythene Sheeting) for Zip Wall. Zipwall is an innovative solution to dust barrier systems perfect for everyone from DIY to Tradepersons.

Clear Polyethylene Plastic Rolls come in following sizes:

3m x 20m (80um)
3m x 50m (80um)
4m x 10m (80um)
4m x 20m (80um)
4m x 50m (80um)
6m x 50m (80um)
2m x 100m (100um)
4m x 100m (100um)
2m x 50m (200um)
4m x 50m (200um)


Inquire with us about Black Polythene Sheeting, Green Polythene Sheeting, Orange Polythene Sheeting, and Flame Retardant Polythene Sheeting


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