Flood Spa-N-Deck 4L

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Flood Spa-N-Deck 4L


It's a breakthrough in exterior wood care.

It's Spa-N-Deck, and it's so advanced, you can apply it right after cleaning - while wood is still wet - so there are no delays to your schedule. 100% Acrylic - That's Tough.
Looking for strong protection? Spa-N-Deck uses the same acrylics used in the windshields of aircraft. If the airlines trust these acrylics to protect their investment, shouldn't you?

colours decking
Spa-N-Deck is guaranteed not to crack, flake or peel even in the toughest climatic conditions for a period of 2 years on horizontal surfaces such as decks and for 4 years on vertical surfaces such as weatherboards and fences. THAT IS OUR GUARANTEE.
Lasts 3 to 5 times longer than oils or other conventional finishes

Spa-N-Deck is super-durable, lasting so much longer than ordinary finishes.
That's because Spa-N-Deck was engineered to withstand the severe weather of the tropics.
Apply while wood is wet - and get the job done fast

Spa-N-Deck is unconventional because it is applied to wood with the surface thoroughly wet so you don't have to wait for wood to dry before finishing a job. Its unique design works with wet surface and the wood's natural moisture to penetrate the wood pores.
As beautiful as it is tough

Of course, you want beauty along with durability. That's why Spa-N-Deck comes in 7 gorgeous pre-mixed colours. Plus a spectrum of customer colours can be mixed to order.

Depends on the application method, surface texture and porosity. Approximate coverage on rough or weathered surfaces: 15 to 25sqm per 4 litres can per coat. On smooth and new surfaces: 35 to 45 sqm per 4 litres can per coat.

So use the wood protection engineered to be as tough as it is fast: Spa-N-Deck.

Available sizes
Spa-N-Deck 4L,
The substitute for PowerLift would most closely be the Johnstone’s Tannin & Oil Remover 

The substitute for WoodPrep would most closely be the Johnstone’s Deck & Timber Cleaner

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SDS Flood Spa-N-Deck 4 Litres


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