iQuip Corner Roller Kit 22CRLK

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Struggling to reach difficult areas during your painting project? With iQuip’s Corner Roller Kit, it’s easy to apply paint or drywall in tricky or hard to reach areas such as gutters, eaves, and soffits. iQuip’s roller is made with 100% lambswool which creates a professional stipple and allows you to paint without leaving any edge marks, drips, or gaps. This product allows you to get the job done quicker and achieve the best results.  


Painting jobs such as gutters, soffits, eaves, and corrugated roofing can be difficult, but iQuip’s corner roller kit makes it easy. The lambswool cover achieves superior results without any imperfections or sloppy edges. This product is ideal for use with iQuip Corner Roller Replacement cover. Order iQuip’s Corner Roller Kit for quick and easy use, and unmatched professional results.  

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