Mirka Professional Dust Free Sanding Kit



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Mirka Professional Dust Free Sanding Kit


Mirka® Professional Dust Free Sanding Kit M-TL-PROF-70X198

The Mirka® Roundy is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit into the palm of the hand and is suitable for a variety of sanding applications. This versatile and practical sanding block can be used with Abranet® 150 mm abrasive discs. Abrasives wrap around the sides for hard to reach areas and corners. The ideal companion for theMirka® DEROS as they use the same size abrasive.


This all in one kit is designed for hand sanding multi-surfaces dust-free. It has interchangeable plates that allow use on a variety of surfaces. Use with the Abranet abrasives included, and easily attach to any regular bagged vacuum for dust-free sanding. A healthier and less messy alternative to regular sanding.

Kit includes:
Hand sanding block 70 x 198 mm 4 changeable plates
(Convex with R = 160 mm, Concave with R = 52 mm,
Concave with R = 100 mm and Flat) 6 Abranet sheets
(1 pc P80, 2 pcs P120, 2 pcs P180 and 1 pc P240) 20 mm
x 4 m hose. A hose adapter Ø 20/28 mm outer diameter


Size Ergonomic hand block 4m Hose
Grit Range 5x P120, 5 x P180, 5 x P240

Important Reminder:
To prolong the lifeline of Mirka machines, we strongly recommend attaching cable and hose only to Mirka Hose Sleeve and Mirka Velcro Straps. NO cable ties should be used for it does not support the free movement of cable and hose.