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Extend your reach with QTech Airless Tip Extensions. A full range of accessories has been developed to increase comfort, speed and productivity that you need to paint hard-to-reach areas. Airless Tip Extensions can be attached directly to an airless gun making them ideal for spraying ceilings, overhangs and decks.

QTech Airless Tip Extensions are designed for use with the TriTech T360 Contractor Airless Spray Gun with 7/8" Thread. They can also be used with the TriTech 90° elbow adaptor or swivel connector for added functionality.

QTech Airless Tip Extensions feature a higher pressure rating at 4200psi (290 Bar). With superior quality and extra thickness, they are made in the EU from high-grade aluminium for superior durability.


  • Airless spray tip extensions - a safer and quicker solution for spraying ceilings and other higher areas - takes out the risk of using scaffolding or ladders.
  • Reduces back fatigue when spraying floors, soffits, high ceilings, decks and other difficult areas.
  • Moving the spray head away from you helps keeps you and your equipment cleaner.
  • Easy to use - no tools required to change extensions or tips

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