QTech HVLP Sprayer Air Cap Set


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QTech HVLP Sprayer Air Cap Set

Suitable for the QTech 3 and QTech 5 HVLP Turbine Q70 suction gun and Q75 gravity gun

  • use the correct air capsule set
  • tune your material appropriately
  • Choosing the right QTech HVLP sprayer air cap assembly

A multipurpose HVLP sprayer air cap assembly is installed on all QTech HVLP spray guns that are generally used for most water and solvent-based coatings.

1.0 mm

It is for fine to medium output is great for most fine finishing including many water-based/borne coatings.


1.3mm air cap set is also ideal for most water-based/borne products. This air cap set is also great for polyurethane and oil-based paints when thinned properly.

1.8 mm

The 1.8 mm is our high output air cap set. It is ideal for larger surfaces and thicker layers. It is also great for primers, industrial coating (higher viscosity), oil-based paints, epoxy enamels, plastic, adhesives, floor paving paints, latex (walls), splatter paints and multi fleck paints.



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