Soudal Silicone Spatula Kit - 7 pc



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Soudal Silicone Spatula Kit - 7 pc


Soudal Silicone Spatula Kit - 7 Pc

Includes 7 professional spatulas for a perfect smoothing of elastic sealant joints.


Instruction for use

Fill the joint with the required sealant. Keep the spatula moist with the Soudal Joint finish of the Soapy solution.

Choose the preferred size and spatula and tool the joint applying light pressure.

Remove excess sealant from the spatula. If required, tape the joint edges with masking tape to achieve straight joint edges.

Remove the tape after the tooling of the joint and before the sealant cures.


  • Many different angles to give desired joint
  • For a professional finish
  • For smoothing and shaping joints
  • Material: Silicone
  • Product code: 222601
  • Pack: 7 pc