Wooster Painters Bucket

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Wooster Painters Bucket


Wooster 4 Gallon Painters Bucket 255mm 15L 


Professional and DIY painters value the paint bucket range's durable structure. Additional features are included.

Lid comes separately.

 Wooster Painters Bucket Lid



  • No-tip design;
  • Extra-strong 6mm galvanized bail with comfort grip.
  • Durable green polypropylene resists solvents & paint build-up
  • Sloped bottom keeps paint at the front for more efficient loading 
  • Made USA
  • Size: 4 Gallon Painters Bucket 255mm 15L 

Built-in 260mm wide roll-off area

  • Product code: 22W8616
  • Suitable for: Water based and enamel paints


  • Large capacity
  • Plastic Bucket; heavy duty
  • Optional lid prevents paint skim-over on the job & stores paint & tools for days