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Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith
5 month ago

I recently became a PaintAccess accredited painter and have been listed in the PaintAccess directory. I got three new quotes this month from PaintAccess, and the best part is that I don`t have to compete with unprofessionals who charge low prices.

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Caroline Ashton
Caroline Ashton
1 year ago

I have been a professional painter for years and a customer of PaintAccess. So I joined the PaintAccess VIP Painters Community and it's been great so far. I really like the different features.

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Darrin Jackson
Darrin Jackson
1 month ago

As a tradie painter I thought there might be some benefit to joining the PaintAccess VIP Painters Community. I was right, and it has been great for my business.

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Tired of low quality leads? Become a PaintAccess VIP member and get more exposure to top clients

  • Accreditation

    Be listed in PaintAccess painters directory

  • Exposure

    Get exposure to >70 000 / month clients

  • Promotion

    Be promoted on PaintAccess and partners website media channels

Tired of low quality leads? Become a PaintAccess VIP member and get more exposure to top clients

Tired of clients who delay payments?
Get paid for your job faster

Get paid online, instantly.

Get paid online, instantly.

No time to build a website?
Generate one for free!

We supply you with software that makes you a website in 30 seconds

We supply you with software that makes you a website in 30 seconds

What Else Do You Get For $19.99?

  • Certification

    Get Certified with PaintAccess Painter Certification

  • Quotes and Invoices
    Quotes and Invoices

    Effective quoting and invoicing tools for seamless business management.

  • Coaching

    Access group coaching sessions from the founder of PaintAccess

  • Discounts

    Get special discounts of up to 40% off PaintAccess products

  • Customer chat
    Customer chat

    Chat with customersto discuss their projects

  • Workspace

    Manage clients, quotes and invoices from one place

PaintAccess VIP Painters Community FAQs

How do I write content for my website? 

Each newly-created website includes placeholder text that will remain until you actively write your own. While the content is generic, it does mean that your new website won’t have large sections of black space. From there, you can either write your own content, adapt existing content slightly to suit your business, use Chat GPT to write new content, or ask for our help to write new content.

How do progress payments work?

Rather than asking for the whole balance up-front, you can request that customers pay a deposit and then allow them to pay their balance in installments, dividing the total cost into manageable amounts.

How do digital signatures work? 

When you send a quote and your customer accepts it, your customer will be asked to electronically sign it as proof they are committing to what you have quoted for. This means you have a signed agreement with your customer to complete the work you have quoted for, at the quoted price. And it provides you with reassurance that the customer is committed to having you complete the work you have quoted for and they have agreed to.

Do I need to use the website I get to be able to quote and invoice customers? 

No. You can use the customer relationship management system, quoting and invoicing tools and customer communication tools right away, even if you don’t start using your included website immediately. But your website is a great tool for promoting your brand and growing your business and will integrate with those tools in a seamless way. 

Do I need to be a professional painter? 

Yes. To be a certified painter you’ll need to be a painter and you’ll need to have relevant qualifications. This is part of our assessment and certification process and we’ll communicate with you throughout that process.

How do I access up-to-40% discounts on PaintAccess products?

Once you’ve signed up to be a member of the PaintAccess VIP Painters Community you’ll have access to discounted products and codes to apply discounts to your cart before check-out. We’ll communicate these to members regularly.