Wooster Pelican Hand-Held Paint Tray 140mm

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Wooster Pelican Hand-Held Paint Tray 140mm


Wooster Pelican Hand Held Paint Tray 140mm

"The Perfect Pail for Hands-On Painting"

Professional and DIY painters value the paint tray range's durable structure. Additional features are included.

This handheld brush and roller tray by Wooster allows you carry your mini-roller, brush and paint with you whenever and wherever you need.

This lightweight but durable roller tray is perfect your professionals and the casual home painter.

Liners and Lid come separately.

Wooster Pelican Paint Tray Liners 3-Pack 22W8629

Wooster Pelican Pail Lid 22WR8659



  • Size: 21.5cm (8.1in) L x 17.8cm (7in) W x 16.5cm (6.1in) D
  • 1 Litre (or 1 quart) liquid capacity
  • 140mm roll-on grid area. Fits any roller cover up to 140mm.
  • Product code: 22W8619
  • Suitable for: Water based and enamel paints


  • Ledge at the top of the grid catches any excess paint and a notch under the outside lip keeps your roller frame in place while you brush or just carry the Pelican.
  • Comfortable rubber grip with indents on both sides and a flexible rubber security strap to fit all hand sizes.
  • Built-in magnet to hold your brush in place while you use the roller or do something else.