Zip Wall 2 x Super-Tall Spring Loaded Poles With Jacks (1.6m-6.1m) for extra tall ceilings (ZST2)


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ZipWall Barrier System products are designed to work together. You can start with a small barrier system and add to it over time. We've packaged our products in easy-to-combine kits. To see a picture of each product and its contents, just mouse over the product name.

Package includes:

2 x 20 foot extension poles (1.6m to 6.1m)
2 x spring-loaded jacks
2 x grip disks
2 x tethers

The ZST2 poles extend from 1.6m to6.1m. Super-tall poles allow you to create a dust barrier for ceiling heights up to 6 meters high. The spring loaded plunger called the jack screws onto the end of the pole and adds a foot of reach. This product can actually be used in areas with a ceiling height up to 6.1m.

The poles can be placed 2.4m to3.0m apart. If there is any significant air movement that pushes the plastic you will need to pull them in closer together, anywhere from 1.2m to 2.4mfeet.

If the poles are placed closely together you may need two or more people to attach them to the plastic and raise them into place.

The GripDisk slide stoppers should always be used especially on hard surfaces. Two GripDisk's slide stoppers come in every ZST2package.

Plastic sheeting is not included.

The ZST2 package is ideal for any job with a ceiling height from 1.6m to 6.1m. Just try putting up a 6.1m high barrier using a step ladder, it's impossible. But with the ZipWall ZST2 poles, you can have a tight barrier up in just minutes without your feet ever leaving the ground.

The ZipWall ZST2 is used in commercial sites such as malls, building foyers, stairwells, and any place with a ceiling height up to 6.1m. Many residential contractors have several pairs for those jobs with vaulted ceilings, grand staircases, and foyers. If you need to put up a barrier in these situations the ZST2 is the only way to go.

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