Graco Ultra 190PC - 395PC Pro Electric Airless Sprayer with Value Pack

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Graco Ultra 190PC - 395PC Pro Electric Airless Sprayer with Value Pack

Special Value Pack - PaintAccess - plus Free delivery 

Only for Graco 395 - 3M 6211P1 Particulate Respirator - Spraying Face/Gas Mask with 6001 and N95 filters (7 Piece Suit) - SKU: 3M-PPE-RR03S

Only for Graco 395 - 25cm Tip Extension w/ RAC X Guard (10") - SKU: 287019

• Blue Polypropylene Coveralls - SKU: CPB615-M

• PaintAccess 4L Plastic Paint Pot - SKU:200B

• Tipsaver Spray Equipment Cleaner/Organizer - SKU: 22TS50

• Pump Armor 1L (Single) - SKU: 243103

• Graco Airless Fine Finish RACX FFLP SwitchTip Green 312 - SKU: FFLP312

• PaintAccess 63mm Wall Brush White Filament - SKU: 400W

Extremely Portable

  • Lighter than any competitive system
  • Easy Carry Handle makes transportation easy
  • Lid prevents splashes and spills while carrying

Contractor Ftx comes with 190

Contractor PC comes with 390 and up models

  • Form fitted handle provides maximum control and comfort
  • 100-mesh gun filter included to minimize tip clogs and protect finish
  • EasyGlide swivel provides maximum flexibility for effortless hose management

Precision-Cut RAC X FF LP SwitchTip

  • Sprays at lower pressures with less overspray and up to 2X life
  • Finer atomisation and softer edges for easier overlapping with pre-orifice design
  • Allows for fast application of materials
  • Delivers a softer, more controlled spray fan
  • Ability to quickly clear tip clogs
  • Includes solvent seal for extremely hot solvents

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