Taubmans All Weather Low Sheen - 10L - White Exterior Paint Self Priming 187200/10L

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Colour: Antique White USA
Antique White USA
Berkshire White
Chalk USA
China White
Hog Bristle
Lexicon Half
Lexicon Quarter
Natural White
Off White
Sandy Day
Seed Pearl
Snow Season
Snow Seasons Quarter
Snowy Mountains
Stowe White
Vivid White
Whisper White
White Exchange Half
White On White
White Polar Half
White Swan
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Taubmans All Weather Low Sheen White Exterior Paint

Low Sheen
Ideal for all exterior walls, cement render / masonry, trim, roofs, timber, galvanised iron, PVC piping and steel.

***Not suitable for surfaces used to collect drinking water. Gloss level: 10 - 15%ater. Gloss level: 20 - 25%.


 Surface Preparation

  • Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from all surface contamination.

  • Treat mould with bleach then rinse with fresh water.

New Work
  • Timber - Weathered (greyed) timber MUST be sanded to the original timber surface. Tannin rich timbers such as cedar should be primed with Taubmans 3 in 1 Prep or a suitable Taubmans oil based wood primer.
  • Galvanised Iron - Thoroughly degrease new surfaces. Weathered surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned before painting.
    For structural galvanised iron, abrade with 240 grade paper to remove chemical treatments and allow full adhesion.
    Cement Render/Concrete - Allow masonry, cement render and mortar to cure for 28 days before painting.
    Steel - Remove rust and prime with a suitable Taubmans iron & steel primer or White Knight Rust Guard® Metal Primer.
    ZINCALUME® STEEL - Wash with water and mild detergent. Surface must be clean and dry. Apply one coat of Taubmans 3 in 1 Prep.



  • Remove all loose and flaking paint. Spot bare areas with Taubmans All Weather Exterior Low Sheen or the appropriate primer. Apply Taubmans 3 in 1 Prep to aged enamel systems to provide intercoat adhesion. Thoroughly sand new or unweathered Colorbond.®


After Painting

  • Avoid exposure to steam for 48 hours. Surface may be washed after 7 days, but always avoid abrasive cleaners.

  • Coats
    Minimum two coats. Apply a third coat for superior performance (depending on substrate - coverage will be lower on rough or absorbent surfaces.

  • Clean Up
    Water: Scrape excess paint from equipment into a separate container. Wash up with water. Do not dispose of paint or wash water into drains or sewers.

  • Coverage
    Up to 16 square metres per litre (depending on substrate).

  • Recoat
    2 hours at 25°C (allow 4 hours in cold or humid areas)

  • Stirring
    Stir paint with a wide flat stirrer in a circular lifting motion for at least 5 minutes before use. It is a requirement to stir paint before use to ensure that the colour tints are dispersed evenly throughout the paint. Continue stirring at regular intervals during application. Where more than one can of the same colour and product is required for a job, mix the contents of all the cans together to ensure colour consistency.

Do not use at temperatures below 10°C, above 35°C or when humidity is excessive.

Further Product Information: 

SDS Taubmans All Weather Low Sheen - 10L

Lifetime Garantee



Guaranteed against blistering, flaking or peeling if applied on suitable and properly prepared surfaces, according to painted directions.

Nanoguard Technology



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