Hystik Blue 14 day masking Tape 36mm x 55m

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Hystik Blue 14-day masking Tape 36mm x 55m

Long lasting masking tape suitable for outdoor applications.

  • Adhesive is formulated for clean removability up to 14 days even when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Blue in colour for easy visibility available in a range of sizes.


Long lasting masking tape with special UV resistant adhesive system for jobs where easy application and clean removal is essential. This tape can be applied for up to 14 (fourteen) days with excellent results. Its formulation makes it highly resistant to humidity and the most modern and aggressive solvents



Ideal to use in construction and decoration in both indoor and outdoor jobs, used in many surfaces such as: glass, vinyl, wood, cement, plaster, aluminum and metal.


*** Do not apply this tape on lacquered wood or lacquered surfaces, on wallpaper or uncured surfaces.

Test before use.***



  • Brand: HyStik
  • Ideal Application: Outdoor, Tradesmen & DIY Painting
  • Colour: Blue
  • Sizes available: 18mm x 55m, 24mm x 55m, 36mm x 55m, 48mm x 55m

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