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3M Spray Paint FiltersK

3M™ 6002CR A2P2 Spray Paint Filters, 1 Kit

3M™ Spray Paint Filters 6002CR are our replacement filters for 3M™ Spray Paint Respirator 6002 providing protection against solvent based paint, adhesive cleaning detergents, and medium level fine dusts.


  • Replacement filters for spray painting, brush and roller painting, orbital and manual sanding.
  • A2 protection against organic gases and vapours such as solvent based paint, adhesive and cleaning detergents*.
  • P2 protection against medium-level fine dusts and oil or water based mists*.
  • Use with 3M 6000 and 7000 series reusable masks.

3M™ 6055 Organic Vapour Filter A2

3M 6055 A2 filters provide Organic Vapour protection at a higher concentration than traditional A1 respirator filters.


  • Provides protection against Organic Vapours with a boiling point above 65°C.
  • A2 protection filters higher concentrations than A1 filter.
  • For use with organic solvents, petroleum, mixing paint thinners and glues.
  • The 6055 filters are compatible with 3M reusable half and full face respirators.
  • Replace once you can smell or taste the contaminants.
  • Can also be used with 3M 5925 or 5935 filters and 501 retainers if particle protection is needed.

3M™ 6059 Gas and Vapour Filter Abek 1

These 3M™ 6000 Series Gas and Vapour Filters are the 6059 Class ABEK1 filters designed specifically for organic vapours, inorganic and acid gases and ammonia.

The 6059 ABEK1 gas and vapour filter employ a counter-balanced, streamlined design to minimise the feeling of weight and therefore improve comfort. The positioning of the filters ensures an excellent field of vision.


  • Gas and Vapour Filter 6059 offers ABEK1 protection against organic vapours (boiling point above 65%) inorganic vapours, acid gases, ammonia and its derivatives
  • Lightweight, low breathing resistance, well balanced when fitted to mask
  • Provides excellent field of vision as a result of the unique trapezoidal shape
  • Filters can be used on all 3M™ Half and Full Face Masks fitted with a bayonet connections system
  • Bayonet fitting allows filters to be clicked into place for ease of fitting



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