Sycamore Big Wipes Industrial 80 Pack

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What are Big Industrial Wipes?

Pre-impregnated industrial-strength cleaning wipes designed for use by anyone who needs a very effective and immediately on-hand cleaning product. Say goodbye to dirty wet towels and messy liquid cleaners, say hello to a high-performance mobile multi-cleaner that will tackle just about any dirt or stain.

What do they do?

"One wipe shifts the lot!"

The Big Wipes advanced hi-tech cleaning formula means they're unique in their ability to clean a vast range of "nasty" subtances from hands, tools and surfaces, including:

  • general grime
  • grease
  • oil- & water-based paints & coatings
  • PUR & instant-grab adhesives
  • silicone & acrylic sealants
  • PU foam
  • EPOXY fillers & grouts
  • oil
  • tar
  • inks & permanent marker
  • ...and more


If you're interested in buying in bulk consider the following box sizes.

80-pack come in a box of 8.

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