Bondall - Multi-Surface Waterproofer 4L

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Bondall - Multi-Surface Waterproofer

Bondall Multi Surface Waterproofer is an effective, all purpose transparent water repellent that penetrates dry, porous, exterior surfaces to form a water repellent barrier which helps to prevent water damage.

Bondall Multi Surface Waterproofer allows the treated surface to breathe enabling moisture vapour inside to escape whilst protecting against water penetration and damage. It is not recommended for protection against total immersion in water.

Waterproofing Level


Features & Benefits:

  • Penetrating sealer
  • Allows the surface to breathe
  • Usable on a variety of surfaces
  • Can be painted over
  • Can be applied with a brush, roller or low-pressure spray

Typical uses


Bondall Multi Surface Waterproofer waterproofs most types of bricks, stone and concrete helping to reduce efflorescence (the formation of white surface deposits). New concrete must be aged for 28 days or 1 week per inch (2.5cm.)


Bondall Multi Surface Waterproofer is ideal for waterproofing most types of wood, even preservative treated timber. It helps reduce splitting, raising grain, shrinking, swelling and deterioration caused by wetting and drying. Note: Does not prevent timber graying.


Bondall Multi Surface Waterproofer waterproofs natural fabric, canvas, tents, tarpaulins, shoes, backpacks, sleeping bags, ground sheets etc. (Note: may darken certain fabrics, do not apply to synthetic fabric or thread).

Further Product Information: 

SDS Bondall - Multi-Surface Waterproofer 4L


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