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Maxjoint Elastic Express


MAXJOlNT ELASTlC is a two-component product.
Component A is a liquid based on special synthetic
resins. Component B, supplied in powder form, is a mortar based on a mixture of cement, additives and special aggregates. When both components are mixed, an elastomeric product with high bond strength is achieved, suitable for sealing joints and cracks in concrete, pre-cast Elements, mortars and bricks.



Replaces Maxjoint Elastic
Quick setting time 8 hours for pedestrian traffic
Water immersion 3 days
Can be covered with Maxseal Flex in 3 days

Sealing expansion joints with an in-service joint movement up to 15%.Joints in permanent immersion in pipelines, water reservoirs, water treatment plants , etc.This product can also be used as a concrete water tank sealant.Joints of concrete prefabricated elements and ceramic in façades and building cons truction.Sealing of active cracks in concrete and masonry.Pointing mortar on substrates subject to movement.
Allows movement capability of joint up to 15%.Very high weather resistant and durability. No maintenance required.Excellent adhesion on damp surfaces. No bonding agent needed.Non-slump on vertical jointsSuitable for joints in permanent contact with water.Eas y to apply and finish.Non-toxic and non-flammable, environmentally friendly.Can be painted once cured with the desired colour.



Need help with the application instructions for Drizoro Maxjoint Elastic? We will help you to comprehend how to apply this clear waterproof sealant for the joints below. So, let’s begin.

You can only use this sealant for joints not wider than 30mm. Similarly, the depth should at least be half of the width.

  • Preparation: Before applying the concrete joint sealer, you must clean the surface from any traces of paint, efflorescence, loose particles, dust, etc. Then, you can begin with the mixing of it.
  • Mixing: You will get two components – component A (resin) and component B (powder). You have to pour component A and component B into a container. You can then mix it at low speed using a mixing drill until you observe no lumps in the mixture itself.
  • Application: You can apply the Maxjoint Elastic mixture using a trowel or putty knife with or without primer. Next, you can smoothen the surface with soaped water! It’s essential to avoid any bubble formation inside the filled joint. 

However, you must consider a few cautions before using this clear waterproof sealant which is given below!

  • Never apply this expansion joint sealing treatment when the temperature drops below 5ºC.
  • Similarly, you shouldn’t use it on frosted or frozen surfaces at all!
  • Furthermore, don’t add cement, water or any other substances that are not given in the brochure to the mixture.

You can read everything from safety and health guidelines to guarantee Drizoro Maxjoint Elastic information on our website. We have a brochure with us as well!

Call the Scientific Waterproofing Products number today and place your order for this excellent concrete joint sealant!


Available in 2kg and 10 kg

Drizoro maxjoint elastic data


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